Morris Reserve Prairie

Morris Reserve lies outside of Bellbrook Ohio and is part of the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District.  The land was originally purchased by William Morris in the 1830s.  Many generations of the Morris Family called this farm home. Eventually, the land was farmed by the equally history-rich Berryhill family.  Recently, the descendants of the Morris family, the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District, the Little Miami River Conservancy, the Techumseh Land Trust, the Dayton Foundation, and managers of the Ohio Clean Water Fund teamed up to secure this land as a park and tribute to those who love this land.

Bellbrook's Ancient History

Based on the artifacts found within the park, Morris Reserve has served as home to five peoples of the last 14,000 years:  Paleo Indians, the Archaic People, the Woodland People, the Hopewell, and the Shawnee.  Researchers believe the Little Miami River and the rising terrain of the Morris Homestead served as a natural funnel site that the Native Peoples used for hunting.  As evidence, a recent bone fragment analysis indicates that even Timber Wolves once traversed Morrise Reserve.  These scenes try to capture the timeless beauty of the park.  If you are seeking a more intimate view of Morris Reserve, check out this gallery of Morris Reserve Wildflowers.

Healthcare Art Prints

Supported by Evidence-based Design in Healthcare Art, some of the most pleasing art prints entail colorful lush vegetation with long sightlines that instinctively provide a sense of food security and physical security to ancestors who arose from the African savannah.  These views of Morris Reserve's tallgrass prairie capture those aspects, leading to Miami Valley healthcare facilities selecting these prints to place their patients, visitors, and employees at ease.