Skyscape Art Prints

Sky Art Prints

This gallery holds a variety of sky art prints.  Perhaps it’s a childhood love of the earth sciences or a career of flying the US Air Force, but I find a thrill in capturing images of our sky over adjacent landmarks.  I call these skyscapes! 

Fine Art Photography of the Sky

The secret sauce in fine art photography is the atmosphere! Nothing takes fine art photography to the next level than capturing peaceful landscapes under Rather than load all these fascinating scenes in one gallery, I’ve elected to subdivide them for easier browsing. 


Daytime Cloudscapes begin as one looks skyward, the clouds are always changing, sometimes by the second.  My daytime cloudscapes are ephemeral, those brief empyrean moments where interesting shapes or lighting form interesting compositions. 


Eclipses are those rare events where the moon moves between the sun and the Earth.  Even more challenging is capturing these celestial alignments over a landscape where the eclipse gives the scene an ethereal feeling.  If you are looking for artwork that becomes a conversation piece, perhaps these will make for great canvas prints. 


Moonscapes entail those rare peaceful periods where a full moonrise rises above the landscape providing an eternal feeling.  For one or two days a month, the full moon rises during the period of twilight which allows for details of the moon as well as the landscape that fills the foreground.  Often, clouds play havoc with the plan, but on those special evenings when celestial objects, weather, and the landscape align, these moments make for a timeless art print. 


Rainbows are always a pleasant surprise.  I typically am not out in the rain with my digital camera in stormy weather.  In each art print, the rainbow caught me by surprise.  Invariably, it's raining, and then the sun pops out and the optical wonder only last a few minutes.  These rainbow art prints capture the few minutes when I got my act together.  


Stormscapes and lightningscapes are those moments where there’s fire in the sky.  Where cumulonimbus clouds tower over a landscape making for an awe-inspiring scene as mother nature displays amazing warm colors.  Cloud-to-ground lightning always makes for a fascinating image, but capturing the event composed against a landscape makes for a fantastic art print!


I am always chasing sunsets and the secret to a gorgeous sunset lies in clouds floating overhead.  Clouds in the sky at sunset become a mixed blessing. Sometimes the clouds block the light filling the sky with muted hues.  Occasionally, it all lines up with high-altitude clouds catch the light in wild colors.  Stunning wall décor forms when the spectacle illuminates the landscape below giving the scene an amazing feel.


In chasing sunsets, there are two sweet spots at the end of the day.  Golden Hour, which lies in an adjacent gallery called Sunsets.  The second sweet spot lies in the blue hour, those gorgeous twilight landscapes that offer a quite peace at the end of the day.