Serpent Mound Historical Site

The Serpent Mound Historical Site serves as one of the world's most spectacular effigy mounds located near Peebles, Ohio.  Its unique serpent shape holds its place on the National Historic Landmark list as it resides on the banks of Ohio Brush Creek.  The property is part of the Ohio History Connection network and as a result, the entity is careful and respectful in acknowledging a host of historical theories.  The site is clearly a Native American site, but most of its origins remain unclear.  Geologically, bedrock surveys indicate the site is also an impact crater site due to the distinctive crater found via modern scanning methods.

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Ohio’s famous Serpent Mound from an elevated vantage point as autumn leaves selectively color the terrain features under blue skies.

Panorama of the Serpent Mound Historical Site in Late Autumn No. 4

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