Brinkhaven Ohio

Brinkhaven Ohio Background

Brinkhaven is a pleasant village located in eastern Knox County, Ohio.  The park district reports the village was previously called Mount Holly and Gann, Ohio.  Its early history was influenced by the Pennsylvania Railroad which passed through the village before its conversion to a bike path. 

Features of Brinkhaven, Ohio

  • Mohican State Scenic River – Flowing from Pleasant Hill Lake, the Mohican River flows through Ohio’s rolling hills making for peaceful scenes
  • Bridge of Dreams – Wanting to convert an abandoned railroad bed to a bike path, trail planners had to figure out how to span the 370-foot gap over the Mohican River. Today, the second longest covered bridge in Ohio is called the Bridge of Dreams.
  • Country Roads – All of Knox County is enchanting but exploring the local area in the autumn provided nostalgic scenes rich in color.

Brinkhaven Ohio Art Prints

I’ve enjoyed exploring Brinkhaven and the hillsides of Knox County Ohio.  Although the Amish only represent a small portion of the population, it has grown 30% over the last decade.  Their lifestyle and light touch on the landscape make for peaceful and nostalgic art prints.  Fine art photography of their covered bridges, barns, country roads, and natural wonders serve as reminders of Ohio’s rich history. 

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Knox County Ohio’s Bridge of Dreams on a fall day with an Amish horse and buggy entering the covered bridge

Bridge of Dreams, Knox County, Ohio No. 8

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