Nature Scene Art Prints

Paragraph about Nature Scenes and Biophilia and Evidence-based Design in Healthcare Art

Flower Art Prints

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A graceful flower which trumpet shaped petals of lavender color with gold-tipped anthers

Forest Art Prints

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Peaceful Ohio woodland scene where moss-covered rock outcrops are painted in warm sunlight.

Intimate Landscape Art Prints

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Peaceful Ohio woodland scene where a trail winds its way through the forest as the thinning autumn leaves gently filter the warm sunlight

Meadows and Prairie Art Prints

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A meadow of bright yellow flowers with a lush green tree line on the distant horizon, all lying under blue skies and puffy cumulus clouds.

Plant Art Prints

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A macro view of dew drops resting on wide blades of grass, where individual drops refracted the morning golden rays into individual sun bursts of light.

Pollinators and Beneficial Insects Art Prints

The importance of pollinators and beneficial insects

A bee pollinating a bright yellow lance-leaf coreopsis where one sees fine hairs on its head and shiny abdomen reflects the sky.

Sky Art Prints

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An interesting cloudscape where cirrus clouds refract light in colorful ways as lower rain clouds transition to thunderstorms.

Succulent Art Prints

Text about Succulents

The perfect Ohio day with puffy cumulus clouds hanging in blue skies and lush vegetation surrounding Xenia’s Bike Station

Tree Art Prints

This is a gallery featuring Art Prints of distinctive trees

Monterey California lone cypress tree clinging to granite rock outcrop as a cold ocean upwelling drives in a distant fog bank.

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