A bee pollinating a bright yellow lance-leaf coreopsis where one sees fine hairs on its head and shiny abdomen reflects the sky.

Nature Scene Art Prints

This collection shares several images of flowers.  I’ve photographed so many flowers, that in order to keep the group manageable, I’ve subdivided this group into Assorted Flowers (my catch-all group), Ohio Spring Wildflowers, Ohio Summer Wildflowers, Poppies, Sunflowers, common Spring Flowers, and Water Lilies and Lotus.


Healthcare Art

This set of galleries is popular where healthcare art clients are frequent purchasers.  The draw for hospitals to purchase prints of colorful flowers lies in a concept called Evidence-based Design. In short, researchers have observed when patients are surrounded by scenes they report less pain, require less pain medication, and are subsequently discharged faster. All this builds on a term called biophilia, the innate human attraction to natural surroundings. I've selected these images of flowers that apply to this requirement.

Flower Art Prints

Forest Art Prints

Intimate Landscape Art Prints

Meadows & Prairie Art Prints

Plant Art Prints

Pollinators Art Prints

Sky Art Prints

Tree Art Prints

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