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Hunters Moonrise over Greene County featuring a tree along an empty country road which cuts through fields recently cleared of corn.

Hunters Moonrise over Greene County Ohio

A peaceful art print featuring a Hunters Moonrise over Greene County Ohio

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The famous Yellow Springs waterfall basks in autumn light under a falling canopy of bright yellow Sugar Maple leaves.

Autumn Day over The Yellow Springs No. 10

Artwork celebrating life in the Miami Valley such as this canvas art print capturing a gorgeous autumn day over The Yellow Springs.

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A sunflower field at twilight where a gentle camera flash warmly illuminated the flowers that contrast with the blues of the oncoming twilight skies

2023 Ohio Artist Registry Exhibition

Sugarcreek Sunflower Sunset No. 1 Juried into the OAR Exhibit The Ohio Arts Council (OAC) selected this print (Sugarcreek Sunflower Sunset No. 1) for the 2023 Ohio Artist Registry Exhibition! The print depicts a Sugarcreek Township (Bellbrook Ohio) Sunflower Field during a colorful sunset. OAC…

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A walking path where visitors walk under arhced branches wich form a tunnel and during this sunrise walk, the sun backlights the autumn leaves

Osage Orange Tunnel Graces the Front of the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District Calendar

Following my last assignment in the US Air Force, we were finally free to choose the location of our own home. Although we lived in many wonderful places, having started my career in Dayton, Ohio, returning back to the Miami Valley remained our goal. After…

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Panorama of the Dayton Skyline where the sun peeks through a sliver of clear air at sunset which produces a full rainbow

Eyewitness: A FotoFocus Biennial Exhibition

Dayton Rainbow Skyline canvas print on display at Dayton Society of Artist exhibit sold!

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The cover image on BeLocol South Dayton magazine of the Dayton Skyline during twilight

Cover Image Feature in BeLocal South Dayton

Grateful for this cover image opportunity and the help of a couple of friends! First, thanks to Laura at Dayton Art Solutions for the recommendation to Rhonda at BeLocal South Dayton. If you just moved to the South Dayton area, you’ll find the BeLocal magazine…

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Dayton Daily News Article from 31 Jul 2022 on the Sugarcreek Photography Gallery

Dayton Daily News Article on Sugarcreek Photography Gallery

We’re grateful for the time and effort of Meredith Moss who visited the Sugarcreek Photography Gallery Saturday, 9 July 2022. Her article on our gallery appeared in the Sunday edition of the Dayton Daily News in the Life & Arts section (pages E1 & E2)…

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The US Postal Service stamp series Mighty Mississippi showing 10 stamps and three background images

U.S. Postal Service Stamp: Mighty Mississippi

On Monday, 23 May 2022, during a First Day of Issue ceremony in Memphis, Tennessee, the U.S. Postal Service released its newest stamp series called the Mighty Mississippi.  With the new stamp series featuring various scenes of our nation’s largest river, the US Postal Service…

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Sugarcreek Photography Gallery Opens its Doors

The Sugarcreek Photography Gallery serves as one of the region’s newest art venues, located in the quiet village of Bellbrook, Ohio.  The gallery is bringing fine art photography to Dayton Ohio. Its well-lit walls display the works of many of the Miami Valley’s most skilled…

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The owners of Sugarcreek Photography Gallery

My Website Delayed for a Greater Opportunity

As 2022 started, I prepared my new website using a new platform and in the midst of converting over, another amazing opportunity landed in front of me. I joined forces with these three friends and we opened our own art gallery! Today, the Sugarcreek Photography…

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A self portrait of me at Dead Horse State Park

Change of Website Platforms

Hang With Me as I Rebuild My Website After several years with Zenfolio hosting my website, I’ve pushed their capability as far as they can go….still I needed more to keep growing. As a result, I’ve converted over to a WordPress-based webpage and use GoDaddy…

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