Pathway Art Prints

Pathway Art Prints

These galleries contain pathway art prints that allow the eye to explore the scene placing the mind at ease.  I always find pathways intriguing.  Many times, I've entered a trail or path and have needed to head back out, but I hate turning around...even when I've made a wrong turn.  There is an intrinsic lure that arises that drives me to keep exploring.  There's a yearning to know what lies around that next turn...This gallery captures many of these moments.

Fine Art Photography of Pathways

This set of galleries initially started as one.  As the portfolio grew too large, I began to subdivide the gallery into these eight sub-galleries.

Allee Art Prints

These Allee Art Prints capture a landscape architectural feature which consists of a walkway lined with trees or tall shrubs.  A few of my favored allees reside at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark, St Louis’ Art Hill, and the wonderful trees along Koop Road

Boardwalk Art Prints

Boardwalks not only carry pedestrians over uneven surfaces or wetlands, they also naturally lead the eye into a landscape.  This gallery holds a few of my favored boardwalks

Country Road Art Prints

I love exploring the Midwest and nothing makes the trip complete other than finding the quintessential country road.  Generally, my country road is unpaved and extends into the distance and invariably through interesting trees.  Some country roads are straight, but the most interesting roads wind through the scene as it follows the contours of the countryside.

Covered Walkways

Covered walkways consist of a canopy erected over a path or sidewalk.  There are two covered walkways that I found producing interesting lines such as the Procter & Gamble Lawn Park and E. Milo Beck Park.

Prairie Footpath Art Prints

Of all the pathway art prints, these footpaths are my favorite, which is why I have so many in the gallery.  Footpaths are similar to sidewalks other than footpaths are unpaved surfaces.  More importantly, they are compositional leading lines that guide the viewer as the eye comprehends the scene.  Over time, I've accumulated so many footpath images that I needed to subdivide the gallery once again.  This group of images features footpaths that meander through open fields and prairies.

Forest Footpath Art Prints

My newest category of pathways lies in these forest footpaths.  This set of footpaths focuses on the trails people use as they explore forests and woods.  Unlike the previous gallery, hikers are walking under a canopy of trees where branches gently filter the sunlight.

Multi-use Trail Art Prints

Multi-use Trails are bike trails.  The Miami Valley serves as the largest bike trail network in the US.  At 350 miles of multi-use recreational trails, the next largest system comes in at 100 miles.  Dayton’s success first lies in how the region preserved its levees which became bike trails.  In all, these trails run through beautiful lands and this gallery captures some of these scenes.

Roadscape Art Prints

One of the greatest joys of a road trip is the ever-changing landscapes that unfold before our eyes. From scenic coastal drives to winding mountain roads and vast desert highways, roadscapes present an array of breathtaking vistas. The composition of leading lines within these landscapes enhances the visual impact, accentuating the grandeur of nature and the scale of our own existence. Each turn of the road brings a new perspective, a fresh canvas to explore and capture.

Sidewalk Art Prints

These sidewalk art prints meander throughout many parks and under autumn-colored leave or trees which gently filter the sunlight.  All these prints made for a peaceful walk as one explores the grounds

Water Trail Art Prints

Although with the Miami Valley’s rich trail system, the Dayton area enjoys an amazing river trail system.  With five rivers converging into the Great Miami River which runs parallel to the Little Miami River system, the region offers miles of river trails to explore with kayaks and canoes.  This gallery captures these peaceful waterscapes.

Leading Lines--A Compositional Technique

As I studied more about photography, someone once said that Composition entails orchestrating the path of the eye as the viewer comprehends the scene.

Standing in a beautiful place and wanting to share it with others, the trick lies in finding the right leading line.  Quite often, I've combined this technique with one or two others.

The compositional rule of thirds remains a favorite as does, Contre-jour.  Contre-jour entails the process of capturing the scene "into the light".  Perhaps an old masters' approach, but my favored lens is so wide angle, the sun becomes a photographic challenge.  For me, I embrace the challenge by generating light diffraction in my lens, thus the many starbursts which appear in my work.