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Beavercreek Ohio

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A morning view of Creekside Bike Path where the tree-lined trail leads the eye towards the distant horizon

Bellbrook Ohio

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A meadow of bright yellow flowers with a lush green tree line on the distant horizon, all lying under blue skies and puffy cumulus clouds.

Cedarville Ohio

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Cedar Cliff Falls near Cedarville waterfall on a perfect spring day where Ohio’s lush green vegetation surrounds Massie Creek as it spills into the gorge

Clifton Ohio

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As the Little Miami River powers this grist mill, the red exterior, green plants and blue skies form complementary colors in a classic Ohio scene

Spring Valley

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A colorful sunrise over Spring Valley Wildlife Area where various cloud layers color the scene in their own way and the still lake waters form a mirror reflection

Wilberforce Ohio

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As this country road leads the eye to the distant horizon, an Ohio farm resides under blue September skies and puffy towering cumulus clouds

Wright State University

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A bright red sculpture at Wright State University consist of curving pieces of aluminum represents the feeling of flight

Wright-Patterson AFB

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Xenia Ohio

A twilight image which renders a USAF C-17 on final approach as a silhouette, while flying under a colorful sunset which occupied Miami Valley skies.

Xenia Ohio

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The perfect Ohio day with puffy cumulus clouds hanging in blue skies and lush vegetation surrounding Xenia’s Bike Station

Yellow Springs Ohio

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Classic red and white barn on a sunny day featuring an Ohio Bicentennial Logo

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