Architectural Art Prints

Architecture Art Prints

These galleries contain architectural art prints featuring intriguing man-made objects which have pleasing aesthetics.  Each of these galleries depicts peaceful cultural artifacts.  Whether this entails the work of ancient peoples or more contemporary societies, this gallery captures the way people have honored their traditions.  As you seek art décor with the same goals, these scenes with archival finishes can help you carry on their traditions. 

Interesting Architectural Landmarks

From an archeological perspective, we may not fully understand native peoples who occupied these lands, but in a few cases, they left people behind works we can think about.  Ohio earthworks where some are simple mounds while taking on impressive shapes such as the Great Serpent Mound, Hopewell Culture National Historic Park, and petroglyphs from Nine Mile Canyon in Utah. 

People have also created religious artifacts in the shape of intricate churches, sculptures, and even stain glass windows that fancifully play with light. 

Equally as timeless lie in the gardens people have made.  Since the time of Babylon, man has created gardens as a peaceful place to seek solace.  Recently, medical studies have validated that immersing humans in nurturing garden environments reduces stress and lower blood pressure and then the patients, are discharged faster.  Bottomline, nature photography of gardens leads to better patient outcomes.  If you are seeking additional relaxing artwork for your important spaces, these galleries also possess attributes that follow evidence-based design in healthcare art.

Architectural Fine Art Photography

If you are a homeowner or a business owner, of the best things you can do is reinforce your values through your art decor.  The artwork in your important spaces shouldn’t just fill a space or just match the chairs in your room.  Quality wall decor also becomes a conversation starter.  Whether my artwork resides in my art booth at a local art fair or in my gallery, visitors are usually pointing at my prints reminiscing about their memories.  

I’m selective about my printing process and only trust a couple of print and framing shops that produce top-quality work.  Fine Art prints need to last, so I chose my sources based on their archival materials.  My canvas wall prints are produced via Lucia pigments rated for 95 years and are made in Dayton! 

With over 450 prints throughout the Miami Valley, I owe much of my success to art consultants and interior designers who’ve reached out to me.  For homeowners, there is no better way to relax in your living room or home office than under a print of that serene spot close to home.  My message to business owners entails if you want to upgrade your waiting room artwork, I’m ready to assist.  You’ll find my artwork often serves as a conversation piece.  If your guests are talking about happy places, they’ll dwell less on the approaching appointment.  Local artwork also allows you to show off your Dayton pride. 

One of the challenges lies in envisioning the outcome and determining if the change of wall décor is right for you.  By sending me a photo of your space, I can offer a computer rendition featuring the new art prints which will help you shape your decision.