Tucker Co. WV Country Roads

Compositional Leading Lines

For me a favored compositional technique draws on incorporating leading lines in the artwork.  I believe composition entails orchestrating the journey of the eye as it comprehends the scene.  As I stand in the field, meadow, or prairie, I try to imagine how the landscape will appear in its final printed form.  This gallery features the few instances where the lighting, leading line composition, and the moment all came together.

Waiting Room Artwork

In addition to holding compositional elements that are pleasing to the eye, these art prints also hold aspects of Evidence-based Design (EBD) in Healthcare Art.  The premise of EBD is people feel better and take less pain medication when they are surrounded by certain images of nature. Building on this concept, the below reasons make prairie footpaths appropriate for use in waiting room art:

Aesthetic Appeal

Prairie footpaths can be visually stunning, with their natural curves and lines leading the viewer's eye through the image. When captured in fine art photography, these footpaths can create a sense of depth, texture, and dimension that can be highly appealing to viewers.

Evocative Power

Footpaths have long been symbols of journeys, exploration, and discovery. By using prairie footpaths as leading lines in fine art photography, photographers can tap into this symbolism and evoke a sense of adventure, wanderlust, and curiosity in their viewers.

Connection to Nature

Prairie footpaths are often found in natural settings, and by featuring them in fine art photography, photographers can help viewers feel more connected to the natural world. This can be especially powerful for those who live in urban areas and don't have regular access to natural spaces.


Footpaths can also evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding viewers of childhood walks in the woods or hikes in the countryside. By featuring prairie footpaths in their images, photographers can tap into this nostalgia and create a sense of warmth and familiarity in their viewers.

Unique Perspective

While prairie footpaths may seem like a common subject, each path is unique and can be captured in a variety of ways. By using fine art photography techniques, photographers can capture these paths in new and creative ways, offering viewers a fresh perspective on a familiar subject.