About Jeff Smith

Helping executives and homeowners beautify their offices and spaces

with stunning photography celebrating nature and their hometown.

Artist Biography (as a poem)


My name is Jeff Smith, a common name is mine

Which is why I branded, as Art of Frozen Time

I finished Wright State, with a degree studying rocks

Flew for the Air Force, avoiding those mountainous blocks


I strive for perfection, mistakes I must not make

My wife and daughters, laugh with a different take

I drive an old truck, it generally runs fine

But there are those days, the tow trucks must align


I love chasing sunsets, and peaceful twilights too

Those colors excite me, those reds, yellows and blues

My photography caters, to Evidence-based design

By giving the sick, a peaceful state of mind


As Golden hour arrives, I aim towards the light

I counter the glare, keeping my aperture tight

This light diffraction creates, a heavenly sun star

So today my prints hold, this signature avatar


Some vistas are grand, as the sun sinks in the skies

Ninety exposures it takes, as the shutter count flies

Back home on the computer, I pray that I got it right

I merge the many images, revealing a panoramic sight


As the end of day approaches, the parks become seclude

I watch the sky ignite, creating a peaceful solitude

I believe it’s my calling, these moments in their prime

Sharing the awe & wonder, …the Art of Frozen Time

Art of Frozen Time
The arched limbs from this ancient row of Osage Orange trees form a delightful tunnel as the rising sunrise at the end of the path warmly backlights the yellowing autumn leaves.
Panorama of the Dayton Skyline where the heavily clouded sky caught warm colorful light appearing as skyfire
A colorful waterscape from Caesar Creek State Park, near Waynesville, Ohio. Waterscape art prints portray a sense of calm and peace. The orange and yellow hues instill confidence and warmth.

Artist Statement

For me, the most intriguing light comes at the end of the day…as a result, I love chasing sunsets!  The interaction of the low-angled sun and high-level clouds produce brief but amazing colors.  The conditions which produce these scenes are infrequent and pass quickly when they do occur.  In fact, on most days, they don’t happen at all.  Often, an over-the-horizon cloud blocks the sunlight from painting the skies in warm colors.  On other days, I’ll find clouds perfectly poised to being lit from underneath, right before they suddenly evaporate from view.  Despite the trials and tribulations, the thrill comes from the fleeting moments when it all comes together...where patience, anticipation and preparation produce stunning scenes which evoke awe and excitement!


if I’m lucky enough to catch favorable light, I prefer the contre-jour technique of pointing my lens into the light.  Given the extreme contrast between dimmer, golden-hour foregrounds and the still very bright sun and underlit clouds, the exposures become more unforgiving.  I mitigate these effects through bracketing.  Coupled with the bracketing, some vistas beg for a panoramic composition that entails capturing a series of exposures that sweep across the horizon. 


The parks and vistas I shoot are often void of visitors during these hours leaving me to ponder if I was the only one witnessing the spectacle.  In creating these images, it's hard not to experience a sense of awe and wonder, thus I find my calling in sharing these decisive moments. 

Colorful Dayton skyline sunset where the sun illuminated the clouds from underneath in warm colors as the Miami River took on interesting texture making for Dayton Fine Art Photography
The best of Greene County Ohio Fine Art Photography depicting the Morris Reserve on an autumn evening, near Bellbrook Ohio