Beaver Creek Wetlands Association

The BCWA is a 501(c)3 land trust which consists of many lands and parks in Greene County Ohio.   The wetlands encompass the corridors of land running along the Beaver Creek and Little Beaver Creek which spans much of Greene County Ohio.  Eighteen parks lie under their protection which entails a host of wetlands, fens, and prairies with lie along the way. 

BCWA Partnerships

The BCWA exists through a host of alliances and partnerships throughout the region: 

  • Land Trust Alliance: They save the places people need and love by empowering communities across the US
  • Greene County Parks and Trails: Early on Greene County preserved many local parks for their habitat values
  • BW Greenway: Another community land trust that serves the Beaver Creek Wetlands and the Estel Wenrick Wetlands lies to the north in Clark County Ohio.  Though this is a separate entity from BCWA, several of my prints entail species that I bundled together on this page. 
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources: Of the host of jurisdictions that seem to overlap, the Beaver Creek Wildlife Area entails 373 acres of State Land. 

Beaver Creek Wetland Art Prints

There are many wonders within the Beaver Creek Wetlands.  One entails the regional spirit represented by the numerous agreements and lands the BCWA protects.  Another entails the physical treasures with its 18 parks.  Unlike a lot of my work which employs a wide-angle lens to capture vast landscapes, I find many of my art prints in this gallery arise from my macro lens.  Although the subjects are smaller, their importance is just as grand.  If you’d like to view artwork from adjacent lands, be sure to check out the below galleries.