Although my website displays each image with a watermarked overlay, the actual print (or product) you receive will not include my logo. 

Local Purchase

For those who live in Southwest Ohio, let’s chat about meeting somewhere to receive the print and negate the need for shipping altogether.  Quite often, people chose to pick up the print from my gallery (Sugarcreek Photography Gallery at 15b W. Franklin St, Bellbrook OH 45305.

Approval, Processing and Shipping Times

I approve print orders within one day for release to my print service.  My printer can take up to two weeks to produce my print. The Shipping can take up to a week.  Shipping large prints can be expensive given their unusual size.  We can mitigate your shipping costs by selecting reasonable methods.  I’ve shipped prints to other parts of the country so I am confident we will be successful.    I stand ready to make anything happen. 


I stand by a print quality guarantee and a shipping damage guarantee.  This applies to website and local purchases.  To date, no one has ever needed to return a print for printing or shipping issues, but I stand by my policy.  In the rare case you need to activate either guarantee, please contact me within 30 days.  Let’s make this right.    [email protected] or my cell 937-917-6326


Something you didn’t, see?  If you desire something I haven’t mentioned, just send me a note at [email protected] so I can respond to your needs.