Centerville Sculptures

Sponsored by the Centerville Ohio Arts Commission, Centerville Ohio holds several impressive examples of public art.  Centerville is a charming city that boasts not only historical significance but also a thriving artistic community. One of the many ways this community showcases its creativity and pride is through its public art sculptures. These sculptures not only beautify the city but also serve as a testament to the town's commitment to fostering culture, creativity, and community engagement.  This website shows my fine art photography of these public art pieces that allow home and business owners to celebrate living in Centerville Ohio while personalizing their wall décor. 

Centerville Ohio Public Art

One such sculpture is called the “Record” by Michael Frasca resides at the Washington-Centerville Public Library.  He also created “Storytime” which sits in front of Centerville’s Woodbourne Library.  The latest installation features “Celebration” by Stephen Canneto which is located at Cornerstone Park.  A favored piece of mine lies in Stubbs Park which holds “Firewall” by Jon Barlow Hudson which is a tribute to Firefighters & EMS personnel from the Miami Valley.  This gallery tries to capture these pieces under favorable light and readily become wall art prints that celebrate living in Centerville Ohio. 

The Benefits of Public Art

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Public art sculptures transform ordinary public spaces into vibrant, visually appealing areas. They add character and charm to Centerville's streets, parks, and plazas, making the city a more attractive place to live, work, and visit.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Public art contributes to the cultural identity of a community. Centerville's sculptures reflect its history, values, and diversity, allowing residents and visitors to connect with the city on a deeper level.
  • Community Engagement: Public art often involves the local community in its creation and maintenance. This fosters a sense of ownership and pride among residents, as they see their ideas and contributions brought to life in the form of sculptures and installations.
  • Economic Benefits: A vibrant arts scene can drive tourism and stimulate local businesses. Visitors often explore Centerville's streets in search of these unique art pieces, leading to increased foot traffic and revenue for shops and restaurants.

Fine Art Photography Prints

If Centerville’s public art indicates its pride and values, capturing these sculptures as fine art photography prints is a great way to share the excitement.  Fine art photography is a powerful medium that allows Centerville's residents to celebrate their community's public art and local businesses in several ways:

  • Documenting Art: Talented photographers can capture the intricate details, colors, and emotions evoked by public art sculptures. Through their lens, these artworks are preserved for posterity, and their beauty can be shared with a wider audience.
  • Promoting Local Businesses: Fine art photography prints of public art installations can be used as decor in local businesses. These prints not only beautify the interior spaces but also serve as a conversation starter, sparking interest in the art and the stories behind it.
  • Community Pride: When residents purchase and display fine art photography prints of Centerville's public art, they express their pride in the city's cultural heritage and support for local artists. This collective pride strengthens the community's sense of belonging.
  • Education and Awareness: Photography prints can be used in educational programs to teach residents, especially young people, about the significance of public art in their community. These prints serve as visual aids for art appreciation and history lessons.

Centerville, Ohio, is a shining example of how public art can enrich a community's cultural fabric, promote economic growth, and instill a deep sense of pride among its residents. Through fine art photography prints, this pride is captured and shared, allowing residents to display their love for the city's public art and local businesses. As Centerville continues to evolve and grow, its public art will remain a cherished aspect of its identity, inspiring future generations to celebrate their community's rich artistic heritage.  If you’d like to see more Centerville Ohio sites, be sure to check out the gallery hosting many of these public art pieces called Centerville Ohio Parks and Centerville Architecture!

As I continue to capture sculptures from around the Miami Valley, I’ve created several sub-galleries based on where sculptures are located.  Some of these galleries are titled: