Centerville Architecture

Centerville, Ohio is full of iconic locations and points of interest whether they reside in its local parks or serve as a tribute to public art.  Due to the growing number of scenes, as I populated my Centerville Parks page, I found I need to subdivide the prints further, so I've delineated Centerville Parks from Centerville Architecture.

Centerville's Monkey House

Within many of Centerville, Ohio, parks stand interesting structures such as the locally cherished Monkey House which stands in Stubbs Park.

Centerville Ohio Stone Buildings

As visitors approach Centerville city limits, they are greeted by signs which announce Centerville, OH is home to Ohio's largest collection of early stone buildings.

Centerville Gazebos

Whether one approaches a local bus stop to its many wonderful parks, Centerville holds a host of Gazebos.  This gallery also captures many of these pretty scenes.

If you are looking for more pretty places in Centerville, but sure to check out these sister galleries:  Centerville Ohio Parks and Centerville Ohio Sculptures.