Centerville Architecture

In the southern portion of Montgomery County, lies Centerville, Ohio.  A picturesque town that boasts a rich historical and architectural heritage.  Known for its whimsical Monkey House, beautifully preserved old stone buildings, and charming gazebo at Benham's Grove, Centerville's architecture is not only a source but a demand for art prints from local businesses.

The Monkey House

No exploration of Centerville's architecture would be complete without a visit to the enchanting Earl Miller Monkey House. Located at the entrance to Stubbs Park, this charming structure has captured the hearts of both locals and visitors for generations. Its whimsical design, featuring a patinaed roof gives the impression of stepping into a storybook world.  Fine art photography of the building's unique architecture makes this one of my most popular prints.  As a result, many local businesses feature art prints of the Monkey House in their offices and waiting rooms, making it a symbol of Centerville's enduring charm.

Old Stone Buildings

Centerville's historic district is dotted with stunning old stone buildings that serve as Ohio's largest collection of early stone buildings.  These well-preserved structures serve as a testament to the town's enduring commitment to preserving its architectural heritage.  The Walton House serves as a local museum as does Asahel Wright House.  These old stone buildings exude timeless elegance and have been a source of inspiration for my fine art photography. The interplay of light and shadow on the weathered stone facades creates a captivating visual contrast, making these buildings perfect subjects for art prints that capture the essence of Centerville's past.

Benham's Grove Gazebo

Nearly every bus stop and peaceful spot in Centerville features a gazebo.  One of the most popular gazebos lies within the serene Benham's Grove Park. The park, originally the property of Samuel and Mary Benham, was donated to the city in 1977, and its gazebo has since become a focal point for community events, weddings, and outdoor gatherings.  The gazebo's classic white structure and surrounding gardens provide a picturesque setting for my fine art photography capturing the beauty of Centerville's natural and architectural elements. My art prints featuring the gazebo often evoke a sense of nostalgia, community spirit, and reminder of favored memories are popular pieces for local businesses and galleries.

Centerville, Ohio, is a town where history and architecture harmoniously coexist. The Monkey House, old stone buildings, and the Benham's Grove gazebo are just a few examples of the architectural treasures that define Centerville's character.  These structures not only serve as a testament to the town's rich history but also inspire local artists and businesses to create art prints that celebrate the enduring charm of this beloved community.  If you are looking for more pretty places in Centerville, but sure to check out these sister galleries:  Centerville Ohio Parks and Centerville Ohio Sculptures.