This collection shares several images of plants.  These are often intimate views of a leaf or seed pod using a macro lens.  For me, plants are full of intricate details which can hold a viewer's gaze.  Sometimes it's the unique shape or color which makes the image, but often I like a touch of raindrops or the morning dew.

Evidence-based Design

Through Evidence-based Design, researchers are confirming what people already observe, green plants present a calming effect on humans.  Since green, lush plants promote healing and produce calming effects on humans, they serve as perfect subjects in healthcare art, hospitality art, and corporate art settings.


A pertinent term in this approach is biophilia, which recognizes the innate human attraction to natural surroundings and the stress-reducing effects plants provide people.  I've selected these images of plants that meet this approach.

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A macro view of dew drops resting on wide blades of grass, where individual drops refracted the morning golden rays into individual sun bursts of light.

Dew Drop Sunbursts, Yellow Springs OH No. 3

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