Clark County Park District Art Prints

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Assorted Clark County Park District Art Prints

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A row of trees form a natural tunnel and filter the golden light from the setting sun as the row stretches towards the horizon

Carleton Davidson Interpretive Center Park Art Prints

This gallery features art prints of Carleton Davidson Interpretive Center

A bronze sculpture of Carleton F. Davidson sitting on a small wall during a fall sunset that cast golden light over the historical education center holding his name

George Rogers Clark Park Art Prints

Art prints featuring Old Reid Park

An Ohio lake scene at Hosterman Lake near Enon Ohio showing a tree-lined lake under blue skies

Snyder Park Art Prints

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A bench sitting in the solitude of the Round-about portion of the Kiwanis Children’s Garden in Springfield Ohio

Spangler Nature Preserve Art Prints

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An intimate view of the bright pink Queen of the Prairie Flower in Spangler Nature Preserve

Veterans Park Art Prints

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A stone staircase connecting Veteran’s Bridge to the Buck Creek Bike Trail featuring stone Desert Storm era soldiers carved from stone.

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