In addition to appearing as pretty prints, did you know researchers have validated the positive effects of the natural environment on human health?  In further studies, researchers found there are both positive psychological and physiological responses when humans are exposed to the forest environment.  On the physiological aspects, they noted lower heart rates, lower blood pressure, and lower muscular tension, and with long-term exposure, lower blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes.


This gallery of Forest prints depicts moments of solitude where the tree canopy gently filters the sunlight falling on the forest floor.  In seeking peaceful scenes for healthcare art, forest scenes offer a sense of solitude.  The images are high-resolution files and will readily print to large canvas wall prints for your healthcare art clients.


In addition to this gallery, I also have a Tree Gallery which focused on singular trees which stand as symbols of strength and perseverance.

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Along Turkey Spur in the New River Gorge National River park, this forest clearing was covered in yellowing autumn ferns in which the setting sun backlit for a peaceful moment.

Golden Hour Over Grandview Rim Trail No. 1

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Peaceful Ohio woodland scene where moss-covered rock outcrops are painted in warm sunlight.

Twinsburg Sandstone Ledges No. 3

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