Requesting the Use of an Image

All images are available for licensing.  You can purchase a license by simply contacting me at or (937) 917-6326.  I generally respond in a couple of hours.  

In the note, please share how you intend to use my image.  In contacting me, please share your imaging requirements (medium, distribution format, quantity, market, duration, etc) so this custom license works for both of us.  I'll make this easy!

I'll send you a draft two-page document that spells out your intended usage.  Depending on your preference, I can email a PayPal invoice for immediate payment or accept payment via check.  Depending on your urgency, we can complete these steps in an hour.  If something in the license concerns you, talk to me and we'll find a way to make this work for you.  

To find an image, use the SEARCH feature (top center of this page).  Either enter the TITLE or describe the image via KEYWORDS. 


Philosophy and Reality

I think most artists hold an aspirational aspect and desire to share one’s work with others.  Unfortunately, reality sets in as artists need to provide for their families as they assume real expenses.  As an understatement, photography is an inherently expensive endeavor.  In addition to top-of-the-line equipment, there are additional expenses such as website design and hosting fees, plug-in licenses, insurance, travel expenses, vehicle repairs, and hours of researching, traveling, waiting, and editing, just to bring these images to the public consciousness.  As a result, I protect my intellectual property and I ask that you honor my work by securing the proper license.

Copyright Approach

All photographers own their work's copyright upon pressing the shutter.  In talking to many, I find they do not understand the significant legal difference between owning the copyright and registering the image with the US Copyright Office.  Most photographers capture an image, publish it a few hours later, and then simply claim their copyright.  Largely, this works until someone infringes on their intellectual property.

Due to the simplified process of registering my copyright, my approach has become more disciplined.  The discipline comes from refining each image and holding onto only select few that have commercial value until I can submit 750 images.  Yes, it means this morning's trip doesn't appear in this evening's social media post, but as a rule, fine art photography should be timeless.  When I register these select groups in batches of 750, the US Copyright Office charges a lower rate since they are unpublished images.  As a result, my intellectual property enjoys the maximum statutory protection. 

Bottomline:  My work will not be reproduced, distributed, modified, displayed, or published without prior written permission.

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