Xenia Ohio History

When Ohio was known as the Northwest Territory, the land served as home to many Native Americans.  The Shawnee passed through the area and frequently set up their camp nearby.  These moving villages were called Chillicothe.  There were at least four recorded Chillicothes in Ohio.  History shares that the one closest to today’s Xenia served as the birthplace of Tecumseh. 

Today, Xenia, Ohio is the county seat of lovely Greene County, Ohio.  The countryside is gorgeous and the architecture in Xenia is intriguing.  Wikipedia reports that Xenia is the largest city in the US that begins with the letter X.  The city gained its name during an early town meeting where Rev Robert Armstrong thought a welcoming name represented the people so he suggested Xenia, which is Greek for Hospitality. 

The city was formed in 1803, the same year Ohio was admitted to the Union.  A host of pioneers guided its early days by laying out the town, forming its government, and building taverns, mills, and other industries.  Facilitating the growth of these businesses lies in the Little Miami Railroad which serviced Xenia in 1843.  In the following years, even more rail lines were built and passing through the growing city.  In fact, Xenia was once known for the number of rail lines that converged in the city.  These rails led to Xenia’s success then and lie in its success today.  Thanks to the rail-to-trails movement, Xenia has become the Bicycle Capital of the Midwest

Xenia Ohio Points of Interest

  • Xenia Station:  A replica of a former Xenia railway station, today resides at the convergence of five Ohio bike paths
  • Shawnee Park:  The central park for Xenia holds a large pavilion, paths, and a hardscaped water feature
  • Grene County Ohio Courthouse:  A Richardsonian Romanesque-style courthouse completed in 1902 that was inspired by Cincinnati City Hall
  • Greene County Historical Society:  An 1870s home Queen Anne-styled home that holds the historical society
  • Little Miami Scenic Trail:  A gorgeous bike and the longest in the Miami Valley that follows the historic Little Maimi Railroad bed

Art Prints of Xenia Ohio

Xenia Ohio is full of fascinating architectural structures that serve as impressive Ohio landscape photography landmarks.  This gallery of Xenia art prints capture where local history and fine art photography create cherished artwork that celebrates life in Greene County.  If you’d like to take in more Greene County points of interest, check out these art prints: