Ohio Fine Art Photography on display at the Sugarcreek Photography Gallery in Bellbrook, Ohio

Becoming a successful fine art photographer is a hard and challenging path.  Despite the length of this list, please know that there were days full of setbacks and seemingly insurmountable challenges.  Below captures the good days where it all came together.  The goal is to keep learning, adapting, making it happen.  For those who have supported me...thank you!  

Solo Exhibits

2024  Lofino Gallery (May 2024), Beavercreek Senior Center—featured 18 framed prints

2021  Centerville Arts Commission Gallery, Centerville, OH—featured 25 framed canvas prints

2020  The Dayton Club, Stratacache Tower, Dayton, OH—featured 21 framed giclee canvas prints

2019  Haines Children's Center, Dayton, OH—A Passport To The Arts fundraiser/exhibition for the Montgomery County Children Services Staff

Group Exhibits

2024  Ohio Artist Registry Exhibition, OH Arts Council, Columbus, OH (1 of 33 from 717 prints)

2024  34th Annual Works on Paper, Rosewood Art Center (1 of 60 selected from 241 prints)

2024  Lofino Gallery, Beavercreek Senior Center—Jan & Feb (4 prints each month)

2023  Ohio Artist Registry Exhibition, Ohio Arts Council, Columbus, Ohio (1 of 36 selected from 419 submissions)

2023  33rd Annual Works on Paper, Rosewood Art Center (1 of 52 selected from 202 prints)

2022  Photography & Digital Art Competition, Middletown Arts Center, (3 of 42)

2022  Eyewitness: A FotoFocus Biennial Exhibition, Dayton, Ohio

2022  32nd annual Dayton-area Works on Paper, Rosewood Art Center (2 of 54 picked from 200)

2022  Farm to Table Exhibition, Greater Dayton Photography Group, Fairborn OH (3 of 30)

2021  Greater Dayton Photography Group Juried Exhibition, Beavercreek OH, (2 of 20)

2021 75th Annual Juried Members Exhibition, Springfield Museum of Art (a Smithsonian Affiliate)

2021 50th Hamilton Current: Hamilton’s Regional Art Competition, Hamilton, OH 

2021  Grace Unity Methodist Church, The Gallery at Grace, Dayton, OH

2021  ADC Fine Art Gallery, Art Comes Alive Exhibition, Cincinnati, OH

2020  Springfield Museum of Art 74th Juried Members' Show, Springfield, OH

2020  The Contemporary Dayton 29th Annual Open Members' Show, Dayton, OH

2020  The Fitton Center Member Show, Hamilton, OH

2020  The View 26th Annual Juried Landscape Exhib., Kettering OH (2 of 36 prints from 125 entries)

2019  Holiday Gift Gallery, Dayton Contemporary, Dayton, OH  

2019  1st Annual Dayton Photography Group Exhibit (Juried), Lofino Gallery, Beavercreek, OH

2019  Art in the City, Mudlick Taphouse, Dayton, OH

2019  Life in the City, Front Street Bldg, Dayton, OH

2019  The Glow, The Contemporary Dayton, Dayton, OH

2019  Birds and Bees, Yellows Springs Artisans, Yellow Springs, OH

2019  25th Annual The View Juried Landscape Exhibition, Kettering, OH

2019  49th Hamilton Current Local Art Competition, Hamilton, OH

2019  25th Annual Art Auction, Dayton Contemporary, Dayton, OH

2018  Holiday Gift Gallery, Dayton Contemporary, Dayton, OH

2018 Art in the City, Dayton, OH - 1 of 10 artists selected for a city-wide event featuring hands-on activity, juried art exhibition, and live music.

2018  72nd Annual Juried Members’ Exhibition, Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, OH.

2018  The Light Within, Dayton Visual Art Center, Dayton, OH.

2018 The View Juried Landscape Exhibition, Rosewood Gallery, Kettering, OH (1 of 30 pieces selected from 330 submissions).

2017  Mississippi River Art and Photography ShootOut, Confluence Art Gallery, St Louis, MO.

A metal print titled Dayton Skyline Reflecting Sunset's Colors on exhibit at the Dayton Contemporary.
A large framed giclee canvas prints called Huffman Prairie Twilight depicts a 445 AW C-17 on final approach to Wright Patterson AFB in a colorful evening sky. This print was juried in The Current Exhibition at the Fitton Art Center in Hamilton, Ohio.
A framed giclée canvas print depicting a full moon rising over Sedona's Cathedral Rock on exhibit at Springfield Ohio Museum of Art (a Smithsonian Affiliate).
A framed giclee canvas print of Golden Hour over Spring Valley Wildlife Area No. 2. This print was 1 of 33 prints selected from 717 submissions at the Ohio Artist Registry Exhibition, hosted by the Ohio Arts Council. The exhibit was held in the Carnegie Gallery, Columbus Metropolitan Library Feb to Mar 2024.


2023  Rhodes State Office Tower Installation—2 prints of 20 winners from 339 submissions

2022  Middletown Arts Center, Photography and Digital Art Competition—1st place Landscapes

2022  Merit Award during 32nd annual Dayton-area Works on Paper, Rosewood Art Center

2021  Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District 2021 Calendar - Sugarcreek Sunflower Sunset No. 3 (1st Place) & Late Fall Sunset over Morris Reserve No. 7 (3rd Place)

2021  Dayton Photography Group Gallery Contest, Dayton, OH (2 of only 20 prints) Sunrise along Osage Orange Tunnel No. 7 and Colorful Cox Arboretum Sunset No. 3

2021  Art on the Lawn, Yellow Springs OH. Won Best Booth of the Show among 100 other artist

2021  Middletown Art Center, Photography and Digital Art Competition, 3 images selected, 1 honorable mention

2021  Zenfolio Pick of the month, Spooky Gulch Canyon, Jun 2021

2019  Dayton Photography Group Gallery Contest, Dayton, OH (2 of only 20 prints)

2019 AmericanTrails.org National Recreational Trails Photo Contest (Historic Features) – Carlyle Lake Multi-Use Trail, Carlyle, IL

2018  Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District 2019 Calendar - Morris Reserve Prairie Sunset (1st Place) and Bellbrook Bliss (3rd Place)


2024  Ohio Magazine--Feature Image (5 Places that Reflect Dayton’s Spirit of Innovation)

2024  BeLocal South Dayton—Cover Image + 15 Dayton area images

2024  Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Neighbors Magazine—All 12 Issues

2024  Centerville-Washington Neighbors Magazine—All 12 Issues

2023  Bellbrook Sugarcreek Twp Community Guide and Chamber Directory – 9 images

2023  Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District 2023 Calendar—Cover Image plus Two images

2023  BeLocal South Dayton—Cover Image + 15 Dayton area images

2023  Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Neighbors Magazine—All 12 Issues

2023  Centerville-Washington Neighbors Magazine—All 12 Issues

2022  U.S. Post Office Mighty Mississippi Stamp Series—Fiery Frozen Gateway Arch No. 2 (On Plate Selvage)

2022  BeLocal South Dayton—Cover Image + 15 Dayton area images

2022  Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Neighbors Magazine—12 Images for 2022 

2022  Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District 2022 Calendar—Two images

2021  Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Neighbors Magazine—12 Images for 2021 and FB Header Image

2021  Greater Dayton Relocation & Newcomer Guide—2021, City Info Section

2021  Dayton Magazine: Girl's Dayton in Downtown Dayton - 4 Mar 2021

2021  Dayton Daily News - Dayton On Display - 10 Feb 2021, pg 10

2020  Dayton Daily News Special Edition - In The Balance - 6 Sep 2020

2020  It’s Great in Dayton – 18 May 2020

2020  Greater Dayton Relocation & Newcomer Guide—2020, City Info Section

2020  Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Neighbors Magazine—Mar 2020, pgs 2 and 13

2020  Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Chamber of Commerce Newsletter Cover

2019  Dayton Calendar by Oregon PrintingDayton Skyline at Twilight--April

2019  American Trails Magazine – Carlyle Lake Multi-Use Trail – Spring Issue, pg 23

2019  Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District – Bellbrook Bliss – Morris Reserve History Hike

2019  Landscape Architect & Specifier News – Brig Gen Dean Bridge – April Issue, pg 72

2018  Dayton Magazine – RiverScape Swirl, Oct-Nov Issue, Love Dayton Section

2018  Dayton Daily News, (Rosewood Presents the View) –Frozen Sunset Over Caesar Creek, 10 Jun 2018

2018  Dayton Magazine – Peaceful RiverScape, April-May Issue, Love Dayton Section

US Postal Service stamp Series Mighty Mississippi where my Fiery Frozen Gateway Arch No. 2 image was used on the selvage portion of the stamp sheet.
A Dayton Daily News article featuring me as a Dayton Fine Art Landscape Photographer. The article announces my upcoming solo exhibition in Centerville Ohio. The article features a colorful sunset over the Dayton Ohio skyline.
Dayton Fine Art Photography of Early Spring Over Deeds Carillon Panorama No. 2. The image was licensed by the Ohio Magazine and carried in their April & May 2024 issue discussing Dayton's Spirit of Innovation

Public Collections

2023  Kettering Health Network (3 Miami Valley Locations), 35 prints

2023  Advanced Laser & Cosmetic Center, 4 prints

2022  Kettering Health Network (17 Miami Valley Locations), 129 prints

2021  Kettering Health Network (9 Miami Valley Locations), 86 prints  

2020  Kettering Health Network (10 Miami Valley Locations), 71 prints

2020  Mandalay Banquet Center, 3 prints

2019  Kettering Health Network (16 Miami Valley Locations), 98 prints

2019  Christopher Restaurant, Kettering OH, Huffman Prairie Twilight

2019  Duvall & Associates Inc, Oakwood OH, Dayton Skyline at Twilight

2019  CareSource, East First Street Bldg, 2 prints

2019  Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal Law Firm, Dayton, OH, 5 prints

2018  Kettering Health Network, The Years Ahead Health Center, Centerville OH, 11 prints

A framed giclee canvas print titled Golden Hour Over Huffman Prairie No. 6 in the waiting room of the Kettering Health Network Cancer Center
An art installation of a six-foot wide canvas print titled Dayton Skyline Relfecting Sunset's Colors in the waiting room of the Horenstein, Nicholson and Blumenthal Law Firm.

Private Collections

2024  6 Fine Art Prints (to date)—Bellbrook x 3, Centerville x2, Dallas TX

2023  21 Fine Art Prints—Ann Arbor MI, Georgetown TX, St Charles MO, Miami Valley

2022  10 Fine Art Prints—Fairborn, Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Centerville, Oakwood OH

2021  19 Fine Art Prints—Dayton, Kettering, Chillicothe, Springboro, Miamisburg, OH; Ocala, FL

2020  18 Fine Art Prints—Dayton, Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Baltimore, MD; Huntsville, AL; Atlanta, GA; and St Louis, MO

2019  18 Fine Art Prints—Dayton, Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Centerville, Tulsa, OK; Columbia, MO; Olivette, MO; Ballwin, MO; and Pittsburgh, PA

2018  3 Fine Art Prints—Dayton and Kettering, OH

Locations Selling My Prints

2022-24  Sugarcreek Photography Gallery, Bellbrook Ohio. (60 prints on display where I'm 1 of 4 business partners)

2020-24  Dayton Art Solutions, Dayton, Ohio (Patrons can special order any print from this location)

2022-24  Dayton Art Institute, Dayton Ohio

2021-24  Robin Imaging, Cincinnati, Ohio (Patrons can special order any print from this location)

2019-24  Mudlick Tap House, Dayton, Ohio

2021  ADC Fine Art Gallery, Cincinnati OH (Both Blink Catalog and ACA Gallery Exhibit)

2020  The Dayton Club, Kettering Tower, Dayton, Ohio 

My wall of canvas prints for sale at Sugarcreek Photography Gallery
A portion of 60 ready-to-hang canvas prints at Sugarcreek Photography Gallery, 15b W. Franklin St, Bellbrook Ohio.

Juried Art Fairs

Note:  With the opening of the Sugarcreek Photography Gallery, I've not applied for art fairs.  For me, it hasn't made sense to rent a space for a day, when I can have a larger permanent display in our gallery.  

2022  38th Art on the Lawn, Yellow Springs, OH 13 Aug 2022

2022  34th Art on the Commons, Kettering OH, 14 Aug 2022

2021  ARTFest on Main, Springboro, OH, 28 Aug 2021 

2021  37th Art on the Lawn, Yellow Springs OH, 14 Aug 2021 (Won Best Booth of the Show--100 booths)

2020  32nd Annual Art on the Commons, Kettering, OH (Virtual Event), 6-9 Aug 2020

2019  Dayton Art Institute Oktoberfest 2019, Dayton, OH, 27-29 Sep 2019

2019  31st Annual Art on the Commons, Kettering, OH, 11 Aug 2019

An art fair booth featuring vivid canvas prints of Dayton Ohio and our National Parks
My art fair booth at the 2021 ArtFrest on Main, in Springboro Ohio.
My art fair booth at Art on the Lawn, Yellow Springs Ohio on a gorgeous summer day
My Art Fair Booth at the 37th Art on the Lawn, Yellows Springs OH in August 2021. My booth won Best in Show!