Evidence-based Design in Healthcare Art

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Art of Frozen Time

A primer on Evidence-based Design in Healthcare Art  

  • Evidence-based design (EBD) principles guide art programs in today’s top healthcare facilities
  • Researchers divided a hospital with traditional art on one side of the hallway & nature photography in the other rooms
  • EBD researchers proved when patients are immersed in nature, they had lower blood pressure, less stress, required less pain meds, healed & were discharged faster…EBD produces favorable patient outcomes
  • The same principles benefit corporate boardrooms, hospitality facilities, and government offices/hallways

Art Buyer Tips

  • SELECT representational landscapes (where viewer understands the scene); allows the mind to relax
  • SELECT landscapes with long sightlines and open skies which fosters a sense of openness/safety; theory lies in threats of ambush in prehistoric man’s life
  • SELECT scenes filled with plants and lush gardens; builds on biophilia theory; abundant life is good
  • SELECT local scenes; allows you to tout pride in the local area & where your waiting room art becomes a conversation piece about shared experiences
  • AVOID abstract art; induces confusion and doubt which is bad for patients facing big life decisions & loss of control in their lives
  • AVOID black & white prints which are cold & confusing, why foster this mood in clients?
  • AVOID wildlife subjects which often remind viewers/clients they are part of the food chain
  • AVOID certain colors like red in the ER Dept
  • AVOID misusing scene w/ room’s purpose; water is good unless it’s in the bladder ultrasound room
Art of Frozen Time
Art of Frozen Time

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