Spring Valley

History of Spring Valley Wildlife Area

This local gem first started as the old Sinclair Fur Farm.  Local friends shared the farm used to raise mink.  In 1953, this became public land for fishing, hunting and trapping.  The park encompasses 842 acres with the largest feature involving a large 80-acre lake.  Serving as a managed wildlife area, park managers have induced shoreline changes which have produced varying compositions.  About 2018, lake edge trees were downed and left along the western shoreline.  In 2023, further modifications by armoring the 3,000-foot levee that runs along the Little Miami River which introduced a finished edge to the lake.

Spring Valley Wildlife Area Landmarks

The area is a part of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and is a must-stop point of interest for Ohio Fine Art Photography opportunities.

  • Wildflower Field:  A field of native Ohio wildflowers mainly tied to the Aster Family
  • Farm Field:  The state occasionally plants sunflowers, its infrequent use creates a little-known sunflower field void of crowds
  • Little Miami River:  A National Scene River runs through the park 
  • Lake:  Home to 230 species of birds have been identified at Spring Valley Wildlife Area, with at least 74 confirmed nesting species

Spring Valley Art Prints

The marsh and surrounding habitats present many classic representational landscapes and the lake offers a host of peaceful waterscape scenes.  These peaceful lake scenes are sought by art consultants seeking compositions that support healthcare art clients and evidence-based design.  In addition to these prints, these adjacent nearby parks offer a host of many more: