History of Oakwood Ohio

In 1804, Colonel Robert Patterson (grandfather of NCR founder John Henry Patterson) purchased uninhabited land along the Miami River south of the city of Dayton.  Oakwood slowly grew over the next century:  10 homes in 1822, 94 homes in 1872, and 67 homes in 1908 when it was incorporated as a village.  Several factors led to its 20th-century success: industrialists buying large homes out in the country, the Great Flood of 1913, and the development of transportation (trolley service and then cars) which provided easier access to the top of the hill. 

Oakwood Ohio Points of Interest

  • Smith Memorial  Gardens: One of the most impressive gems is a small garden.  Ohio Magazine in 1996 described it as a secret treasure on an ordinary side street. 
  • Hawthorn Hill:  Home of Orville Wright which has hosted Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison
  • Francine’s Garden:  A hidden garden created by Francine van der Hoeven and part of the legacy of Oakwood’s 2008 Centennial Celebration
  • Gray Daffodil Display:  The home of Oakwood residents, John and MJ Gray, which turns into a Spring splendor featuring 160,000 daffodils

Oakwood Ohio Fine Art Photography

This gallery is for homeowners and business owners in Oakwood Ohio seeking art prints that depict all the wonderful aspects of their hometown.  These fine art photography prints capture this affluent Dayton suburb during pleasant days throughout the seasons.  In addition to this webpage, be sure to check adjacent landmarks that also contribute to Oakwood’s character.