Nostalgic Structures Art Prints

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Barn Art Prints


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An autumn scene where a farm horse grazes in a pasture next to a bright right barn and unique windmill.

Canal Art Prints

This gallery features art prints of canals

A tree-lined paved trail parallels Piqua Ohio’s Hydraulic Canal Run in autumn where the sun illuminated the autumn colored leaves

Covered Bridge Art Prints

Art prints featuring Covered Bridges

Restored covered bridge sports green paint and new roof as it spans Caesar Creek on this mid-summer evening

Lighthouse Art Prints

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Lorain Harbor Lighthouse at Twilight No. 1

Log House Art Prints

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Mill Art Prints

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As the Little Miami River powers this grist mill, the red exterior, green plants and blue skies form complementary colors in a classic Ohio scene

Railroad Art Prints

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A brown colored Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose stands on a short stretch of tracks in Bradford Ohio

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