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Wright State University History

Ohio has been known for having a college in every small town.  The history of Wright State University starts with the Miami Valley continuing its growth, and many beleived having a local college developing a high-tech labor force to feed Dayton’s industries and the nearby Air Force Research Labs was a prudent decision.  In 1963, the Ohio secured 428 acres of land adjacent to Wright-Patterson AFB.  Wright State opened in September 1964 with 3200 students. 

The college’s name pays tribute to Dayton’s famous sons, Wilbur and Orville Wright who discovered controlled flight in the adjacent historic Huffman Prairie.  The images in this gallery will make great graduation gifts as well as farewell gifts for Wright State University graduates and faculty.  For disclosure, I’m a graduate of WSU…class of 1989! 

Featured landmarks of Wright State University

  • Nutter Center:  When I graduated WSU in '89, our ceremony was held at the University of Dayton Arena; the new arena named after Ervin J. Nutter opened 1 Dec 1990.  My own daughter recieved her WSU  diploma there in 2022.
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar Library:  Not only an awesome place to study under natural light and its stacks, this library holds the records of the Wright Brothers and Paul Laurence Dunbar.  
  • Turning Points Sculpture:  Affectionately called BART (Big Artsy Red Thing) by students, this sculpture by David Evans Black depicts the turns and twists of the college experience.
  • Tom Hanks Center for Motion Pictures:  Dedicated in 2016 by Tom Hanks the Center gives students leading-edge access to successful careers in motion pictures.
  • Double Helix Sculpture.  Created by Jon Barlow Hudson to mimic a DNA molecule, the sculpture resides in front of the Mathew O. Diggs III Laboratory for Life Science Research
  • The Quad:  The center of campus life from my WSU time in the 80s, the quadrangle is an open area bounded by buildings named after the college founders: Novice G. Fawcett, Robert S. Oelman, Stanley C. Allyn and John D. Millett buildings.  I still remember the clockwise order of the Quad layout as FOAM.

Art Prints of Wright State University

These fine art photography prints of the Wright State University campus are ideal for businesses that cater to the university and its students and want to show their support and pride in WSU.  These prints are also ideal for students and alumni who want to remember their years pursuing their next degree.  Regardless of your ties to Wright State, the surrounding area contributes to the campus experience so these galleries may also have art prints of interest: 

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A bright red sculpture at Wright State University consist of curving pieces of aluminum represents the feeling of flight

Wright State University Turning Points Sculpture No. 7

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