Ohio Spring Flowers

This gallery features Spring ephemeral Wildflowers.  Most of these flowers were photographed in Morris Reserve, near Bellbrook Ohio.  Some of the favored

Twinleaf Wildflower

There are many interesting aspects to this park, but one is the Twinleaf Wildflower (Jeffersonia diphylla).  The Twinleaf Wildflower displays leafed shoots whose two leaves form a pair of angel wings and adjacent shoots hold a white, 8-petal wildflower with a yellow center.  What makes these wildflowers so unique is that they only bloom for about three days a year, making them a challenge to locate.

Another frequent wildflower from Morris Reserve is the Trillium Sessile.  By nature of its name, it displays three leaves.  A few prints in the gallery features, a Trillium Sessile with four leaves!