Nostalgic Structure Art Prints

Ohio Heritage Trail Art Prints

This is one of my newest webpage galleries and was inspired from sites I’ve explored with my camera.  As an Ohio fine art landscape photographer, I’ve enjoyed exploring Ohio's Rich History: A Journey through covered bridges, Bicentennial Barns, and US Presidential Sites, while unveiling its architecturally significant courthouses, monumental Ohio frontier sites, and Inventors' Legacies. 

Ohio Historic Sites, Landmarks and Treasures

  • Ohio Bicentennial Barns:  These iconic barns, adorned with the official “Ohio’s Bicentennial 1803–2003” emblem, were painted by artist Scott Hagan in each of Ohio’s 88 counties.  They serve as a visual celebration of Ohio’s 200-year history.
  • Ohio Country Churches:  Ohio is the land of Cross-tipped Churches, but this gallery includes quaint country churches that looked so enticing, that I pulled over to capture them with my camera
  • Ohio County CourthousesOhio’s historic courthouses showcase architectural beauty and often serve as community landmarks.
  • Ohio Covered Bridges:  Ohio boasts over 125 historic wooden covered bridges, with many still in use.  These charming structures add character to the landscape and are a testament to Ohio’s heritage.
  • Ohio Explorer Sites:  Ohio served as home for many explores and frontiersman, but this gallery also captures the homes and sites of its modern day explorer such as John Glenn and Neil Armstrong.
  • Ohio Frontier Landmarks:  Explore sites related to Ohio’s frontier history, including forts, trading posts, and early settlements.
  • Ohio Inventors Sites:  Discover locations associated with Ohio inventors and their groundbreaking contributions.
  • Ohio Native Americans:  Ancient people and Native Americans have called Ohio home since the last ice age such as Paleoindians, Archaic People, Woodland People, Mound Builders and recent Native American tribes. This page shares some of the cultural remnants. 
  • Ohio Presidential Sites:  Ohio is home to several presidential sites, including the birthplaces and museums of U.S. presidents such as Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, Warren G. Harding, Benjamin Harrison, plus more.

Ohio Historical Landmark Fine Art Photography

As an Ohio fine art photographer, I’ve created a collection of art prints of Ohio Covered Bridges, Bicentennial Barns, County Courthouses, Frontier Sites, Inventor sites and Presidential Landmarks.  These sites collectively showcase Ohio’s rich history, architectural and often nostalgic landmarks, its contributions to innovation, invention and early American history.

The prints in this gallery can assist interior designers, business owners and homeowners in personalizing their space with wall décor that celebrates Ohio’s enchanted spots and legacy.

If you are seeking licensable images that depict Ohio early heritage, and its wealth of historical and cultural significance across the Buckeye state, please contact me [email protected].  For faster assistance as you reach out, please share how and where you intend to use the image so I can provide you with a better initial response.