Huber Heights

Huber Heights Ohio Features

Huber Heights, Ohio lies in Montgomery County and is bounded by the Great Miami River to the west and the Mad River to the East.  Formerly called Wayne Township, the city was incorporated in 1981.  Although the city changed its name, the high school retained the township name, Wayne High School whose Wayne Warriors play at Heidkamp Stadium.  Huber Heights is also bounded by a host of parks listed below.

Huber Heights Landmarks

One of the standout features of Huber Heights is its dedication to providing residents with ample green spaces and recreational opportunities.  The city boasts a comprehensive park system that caters to people of all ages and interests.  Here are my favored places to explore in Huber Heights.

Thomas A. Cloud Park:  This 68-acre park is the crown jewel of Huber Heights' park system. It features a beautiful lake, a scenic walking trail, picnic areas, playgrounds, and even a stage for outdoor concerts and events. Thomas A. Cloud Park hosts numerous community gatherings and is a favorite spot for family outings.  The Park also recently enjoyed the installation of the Huber Heights Veterans Memorial which now rivals other Miami Valley memorials.  

Carriage Hill MetroPark:  Carriage Hill MetroPark is located nearby and offers a serene escape into nature. This park features historic farm buildings, hiking trails, and a lake for fishing and boating. It’s a great place to connect with nature and explore Ohio’s agricultural history.

Taylorsville MetroPark:  Taylorsville MetroPark lies between Huber Heights and Vandalia Ohio and is part of the Miami Conservancy District and Five Rivers MetroParks

Charleston Falls Preserve:  Charleston Falls lies in Miami County, but due to its proximity to Huber Heights, it’s frequented by many throughout the Miami Valley. 

The city is also bounded by a host of parks.   The largest city park which lies in the southern part of Huber Heights and is captured in this gallery.  

Huber Heights Art Prints

Many businesses seek artwork featuring local iconic locations that allow them to show their pride in living in Huber Heights.  This gallery features the pleasant parks and landmarks listed above, but it also shares nostalgic structures like barns, bridges, and the historic Miami Erie Canal.  Several of the art prints already reside in Huber Heights healthcare facilities. One print was created to be 11-foot-tall and features a Miami Valley field.