Morris Reserve Fine Art Photography

Prairie Footpath leads viewer towards the setting sun at Morris Reserve, Bellbrook, Ohio depicting fine art photography
Morris Reserve near Bellbrook Ohio serves as one of my favored parks As evidenced by artifacts found in this park this path traverses land that five cultures have called home since the last ice age With the help of the State of Ohio teamed with impactful non profit organizations park managers recently converted this former farm back to a tallgrass prairie On this late summer evening the setting sun warmly backlights the Indian grass Sorghastrum nutans and golden rods Solidago ohioensis in golden light

Morris Reserve Fine Art Photography

Morris Reserve is a relatively new park under the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District. The park has 177 acres which entail a hillside forest and about 100 acres of tallgrass prairie. Starting off as a farm, soil tests indicated the land only had traces of chemical residue from its previous agricultural use and was ready for its prairie conversion. Seeding the field of native Ohio plants proved to be a wild success including two super blooms. As the prairie plants took hold, the park managers laid out a series of east-west paths that offer visitors a series of interesting compositions.

Formation of Morris Reserve

Its genesis starts in 2016 as the park service acquired the land from the Morris Family. Although they were the logical entity to oversee the land, The Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District did not have the funding for its purchase. Through the help and advocacy of Ohio Clean Water Funds, Little Miami River Conservancy, Tecumseh Land Trust, and the Dayton Foundation, we enjoy awesome views like this classic Ohio scene.

Fine Art Landscape Photography from Bellbrook Ohio

I have so many images of Morris Reserve and Bellbrook, Ohio, I’ve subdivided my work into a series of specialized galleries.

Morris Reserve Prairie

I love dwelling in Morris Reserve! The long sightlines to the horizon make for pretty sunsets and sunrises. These long views are a key aspect when producing imagery that complies with the principles of Evidence-based Design in Healthcare Art. Coupled with views of big skies, these elements give the viewer a sense of plenty and security. To this end, my gallery titled Morris Reserve Prairie reveals art prints of the most colorful sunrises, sunsets, and twilights over the park.

Morris Reserve Wildflowers

Between sunrise and sunset, the park is filled with many of Ohio’s wildflowers. In early spring, the forest floor holds many tiny treasures like the twinleaf wildflower that only blooms for 2 or 3 days a year. As summer takes hold, the prairie springs to life in vivid colors. The gallery titled Morris Reserve Wildflowers provides access to artwork covering the more intimate scenes of the park.

Bellbrook Fine Art Photography

Although Bellbrook, Ohio, is a pretty small village, it still holds many other parks and gorgeous landscapes. Although the gallery is titled Bellbrook, many of the art prints portray pretty scenes from the surrounding Sugarcreek Township. In fact, my artwork featuring a local sunflower field has proven very popular in Greene County and the State of Ohio.

Meadows Fine Art Prints

As shared on my home page, I present artwork featuring a geographical location. For wider audiences from outside the Maimi Valley, I also present my art prints subdivided by subject. Many of my nature scenes work well in offices, waiting rooms, and patient rooms all over the country. One sub-gallery titled Meadows offers fine art prints that capture open fields, meadows, and prairie under impressive skies. If you are seeking artwork that holds the viewer’s interest and gives them a few moments of solace, you’ll enjoy this gallery of long sightlines and big skies.

Footpath Fine Art Prints

Like the Meadows gallery mentioned above, another popular category entails trails and pathways. As you’ve noted, I love shooting under amazing skies. As an additional compositional element, I introduce a Foot Path into the foreground which leads the viewer into the landscape forming a pleasing art print.