Eyewitness: A FotoFocus Biennial Exhibition

Panorama of the Dayton Skyline where the sun peeks through a sliver of clear air at sunset which produces a full rainbow
This scene took place on 3 May 2020 where in moments before the skies were grey and windsblustery which drove me to ponder the wisdom of standing in the rain with my digital camera When I started this 86 image panoramic sequence the sun found a break in clouds at the last possible moment Realizing I seconds left I quickly pointed my camera into the sun During this bustle the rainbow unknowingly formed behind me Perhaps it was the steady rain and the constant wiping of my lens but I was engrossed in the technique With my last planned shot I stepped back from the camera and finally noted the still off camera rainbow so I continued the panoramic sweep Despite building a big picture I nearly missed an even larger one

The Dayton Society of Artists and Tripod Camera Club team up this year for this year’s FotoFocus Exhibition. At the urging of my friends at the Tripod Camera Club, I submitted the above print.

The theme was tied to Dayton’s rise through early industrialization, its decline, subsequent rust belt appearance, and now its resurgence. For me, this stormy evening over the Dayton Skyline captures this theme with the sunlight breaking on the horizon producing a rainbow representing that Dayton has better days ahead.

In mid-August, my print was accepted into the juried exhibit. Knowing the other talented exhibitors, this is always welcome news and a blessing.

On 14 Sep 22, I learned this 11′ x 33″ framed canvas print of Dayton Rainbow Skyline won’t be coming back home. It’s always a surprise to be accepted into an exhibit, but when someone decides to open their wallet to purchase a print represents the most humbling part of being a photographer.