Dayton Fountain of Lights

Dayton Fine Art Photography featuring Deeds MetroPark and the Dayton Fountain of Lights as a Wilbur and Orville Wright sculpture depicts the brothers discussing their wing warping technique
Deeds MetroPark resides at the confluence of the Great Miami River and the Mad River At this point Five Rivers MetroPark installed one of the largest fountains in the world the Fountain of Lights This scene from Legacy Plaza salutes Daytons famous inventors Wilbur and Orville Wright The foreground sculpture depicts the Wright Brothers formulating their wing warping technique as salmon colored cirrus clouds float through the evening sky

Dayton Fountain Art Prints

Dayton’s Fountain of Lights panorama erupting during colorful sunset where the fountain sprays catch the warm sunlight
Dayton hosts many wonders including the Fountain of Lights which is reportedly one of the worlds largest fountains The Five Rivers MetroParks operates the fountains during the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day At the close of the season and with storm clouds clearing the Miami Valley skies I arrived at the confluence of the Mad River and Great Miami River for one of the years last sunset displays The varying cloud heights refracted the days last rays in their own unique manner thus giving the sky added depth as if to strike serendipitous harmony with the warmly backlit fountain sprays

There is one word that describes Dayton’s Fountain of Lights art prints…majestic!  At 800 feet across and 200 feet high, the fountain spray is one of the largest in the world.  These artworks capture the Dayton Fountain in varying lighting conditions.  The fountains are so wide, capturing them with my 11mm lens is impossible.  In nearly each of these Riverscape MetroPark vistas, I captured upwards of 90 separate images before forming a single panoramic print. 

History of the Dayton Fountains

Life-size sculpture of the Wright Brothers depicts them in conversation in front of the Dayton Fountains
This sculpture of the Wright Brothers resides at Deeds Point and the base of the Riverscape MetroParks Fountain of Lights In 2003 and as Dayton celebrated the Wright Brothers Centennial of Flight they wanted to honor their favored sons with this spot called Legacy Plaza On this perfect day and as the fountains erupt the image captures the great things about calling Dayton Ohio home

Nestled in the heart of Dayton, Ohio, the Fountain of Lights stands as a testament to the city’s rich natural history.  The fountain celebrates its ties to the Miami Valley’s five rivers and its abundance of water from the Great Maimi Buried Valley Aquifer.  Credit for today’s magnificent fountain lies in the planning of the Five Rivers MetroPark and the Miami Conservancy District. 

The fountain stands at the confluence of the Great Miami River and the Mad River.  This point of land has long served as a park called Deeds Point.  In 1995, park commissioners renamed the point Deeds MetroPark.  In 2001, an adjacent park downriver called Riverscape MetroPark opened with much celebration.  Today, both parks pay tribute to Dayton’s inventors. 


Dayton’s Fountain of Light panorama erupting at sunset while in the background, high cirrus clouds catch the day’s last rays.
At 200 feet high and 800 feet wide the Five Rivers Fountain of Lights is reportedly one of the largest fountains in the world Today its an impressive and beautiful addition to Daytons skyline Ive made many trips to this point maybe too many only to realize a distant cloud had blocked the setting suns warm colors resulting in a scene with dull blue and grey tones Although clouds on the horizon seemed poised to mute this sunsets colors once again a break in the clouds aligned between the sun and the fountains spray allowing the sunlight to paint the spray in amazing crimson colors

Each city has a unique profile, but I am continually enthralled by Dayton’s skyline.  Like most, Dayton was formed along a river.  Unlike most cities, Dayton has worked to preserve its riverscape.  Some of this preservation was placed in motion during the Great Flood of 1913.  As Dayton’s industrialists worked to prevent further floods, they formed the Miami Conservancy District.  The MCD oversees our levies and storm retention dams which today hold treasures of the Five Rivers MetroPark and our awesome bike trail network.  As a result of these conditions, the Dayton skyline, parks, and fountains form pleasing Daytonscapes. 

Dayton Corporate Art

A panoramic view of one of the largest fountains in the world on an incredibly clear day over the Dayton Skyline
A panoramic view of the RiverScape MetroParks Fountain of Lights as captured from the newly rebuilt Deeds MetroPark Pedestrian Bridge The confluence of the Mad River and Great Miami River all in front of the Dayton Skyline highlights the wisdom of this location As one of the largest fountains in the world this scene also proves that sometimes the park needs to mitigate fountains spray on windy days On this spectacularly calm and clear day the fountain gave a majestic show as the spray refracted sunlight producing an extra visual treatdouble rainbows

Since returning to Ohio, I’ve successfully marketed many of my Daytonscapes and Dayton Skyline prints to local corporate artwork clients.  My fine art photography starts with monitoring our skies and weather.  What makes my art prints attractive to art consultants and art buyers lies in capturing impressive color and clouds over an iconic Miami Vally landmark.  Honestly, not every attempt works.  In fact, some of my more successful prints required eight trips to capture the right alignment of sunset, clouds and waterscape.  If you are seeking Dayton Corporate Art solutions be sure to check out these galleries: 

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