U.S. Postal Service Mighty Mississippi Stamp Series

The US Postal Service stamp series Mighty Mississippi showing 10 stamps and three background images
US Postal Service Stamp Series Mighty Mississippi featuring 13 scenes that celebrate the great river
A fiery sunset over St Louis Missouri as captured across the Mississippi River which carries ice flows and reflects the St Louis skyline
The St Louis Skyline and Gateway Arch during a fiery red sunset as witnessed across the frozen Mississippi River This January evening served as a continuation of cold harsh weather which impacted the upper mid west Sensing an opportunity for the setting sun to illuminate the clouds from underneath I headed to the river to witness a brief and amazing light show as the clouds transitioned from dreadful muted tones to wildly warm hues then to darkness all in a few brief minutes

USPS Stamp Series: Mighty Mississippi

NEWS RELEASE: On Monday, 23 May 2022, during a First Day of Issue ceremony in Memphis, Tennessee, the U.S. Postal Service released its newest stamp series called the Mighty Mississippi.  With the new stamp series featuring various scenes of our nation’s largest river, the US Postal Service selected one image from Dayton photographer Jeffrey M. Smith (Art of Frozen Time) called Fiery Frozen Gateway Arch No. 2

The ceremony, held at Beale Street Landing in Memphis, unveiled the ten new stamps, which adhere to a larger sheet containing three additional background images.  One of these background images belongs to Mr. Smith.  His image was captured along the Mississippi River during a vibrant sunset that silhouettes the St Louis Skyline and Gateway Arch and the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Corresponding with the ceremony, the USPS released the stamps to 30,000 post offices throughout the country.  Mr. Smith and the other photographers were invited to the ceremony, where crowds gathered afterward for their signatures.

Jeff Smith says, “I’ve always collected stamps off and on since I was kid.  It’s exciting to play a minor role in this stamp series, especially since most stamps involve artist depictions instead of actual photographs.  It’s also humbling to know one of my images will be preserved forever in various collections.  Regardless, it’s safe to say I have a new favored stamp to add to my own collection.” 

People wanting to see the colorful sunset print of the St Louis Skyline, along with the stamp series, can stop by the Sugarcreek Photography Gallery, located at 15b W. Franklin St, Bellbrook, Ohio. I encourage you to make an appointment with me so I’m in the gallery when you arrive. Two versions of the autographed stamp and fine art print are also available on my website, under Mighty Mississippi First Day of Issue Art Prints.