Creating a print gallery of single trees initially seems odd ... yet so intuitive.  Images of singular trees serve as a metaphor for so many concepts such as strength, loneliness, solitude, and perseverance.  In short, trees can have a lot of meaning for people.

One thing about shooting sole trees is that identifying the subject is straightforward.  One approach entails rendering the tree as a silhouette where the backlight of the setting sun or twilight reveals the intricate fractal patterns of its branches and twigs.  Another approach lies in capturing the squirrel view where one stands at the base of the tree peering upwards at its intricate pattern of branches reaching skyward.

I also prefer another approach where the tree’s autumn-colored leaves make it stand out from its environment as if the tree has its own voice in the crescendo of fall.  Using the sun to backlight the colorful leaves accentuates the effect.

Famous Trees

A few of these art prints feature rather famous trees such as Monterey’s Lone Cypress tree along the Big Sur Coastline.  Another local tree lies in the Big Sisters, located in Sugarcreek MetroPark, Bellbrook Ohio.  Standing next to this 550-year-old State Champion (the best example of a species in the state) is a humbling experience.

Healthcare Artwork

In all, trees serve as a classic evidence-based design subject in Healthcare art.   Single trees captured in the right light can serve as an inspiration in helping immerse patients find that inner source of strength which promote healing and favorable patient outcomes.  The term "Nature connectedness" highlights the human affinity toward nature, particularly in scenes filled with lush green colors which foster memories of quiet moments.  In all, these images invite a calming effect on viewers.

If you are looking for more than single trees, you might want to check out my Forest Gallery which offers a nature connectedness for various other reasons.

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