Madonna of the Trail monument, Springfield Commons Park

The Story:      Before railways and canals, the historic National Road served as a major transportation artery for interstate travelers.  As weary travelers passed through Springfield, Ohio, the Pennsylvania House would provide a meal and an essential good night’s rest.  Built in 1822, this historic inn and tavern were so well known, it even hosted Henry Clay, Charles Dickens, Andrew Jackson, and James K. Polk. Unfortunately, by 1869 the traffic subsided, and the Pennsylvania House closed.  Today it serves as a museum and a tribute to the National Road and resides on the National Register of Historic Places.


Sublocation:   Downtown

City, State:      Springfield, Ohio

Year:                2021

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The Madonna of the Trail statue in Springfield Ohio celebrates pioneer women who defended their families during the western migration.

In celebrating the historic National Road, in 1911, the Daughters of the American Revolution organization wanted to delineate the Old Trails Road from Maryland to California. They elected to place a Madonna of the Trail statue along key points. The DAR worked with sculptor August Leimbach’s who envisioned a pioneer woman stepping forward with a child in one arm and a rifle in another in order to defend her family. At $1,000 per statue, the DAR placed one in each statue in each state along the migration route. With the National Trail running through Springfield Ohio, the city was selected to receive the first monument.

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12" x 18", 20" x 30", 30" x 45"


Framed Giclee Canvas, Metal, Photo Paper


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