Lost Creek Reserve Gravel Road

The Story:      The Knoop family has dwelled outside Troy Ohio for 200 years and 5 generations. Behind this scene lies a park is called the Historic Knoop Homestead which serves as Miami County Parks feature for its barn, field, and trails. This tree-lined road called Knoop Road entails two dozen trees forming an allée or avenue, where the warm autumn sun sidelights the trees creating this magical feel.


Sublocation:   Historic Knoop Homestead

City, State:      Troy, Ohio

Year:                2019

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A country lane leads that the eye to the distant horizon while presenting the viewer with many peaceful shades of blue and green.

Lost Creek Reserve is part of the Miami County Park District, just outside of Troy Ohio, and offers visitors access to a working farm and five miles of trails. On this spring day, this country lane leads the eye to the distant horizon through a field of green grass, and mature trees, all under blue skies.

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12" x 18", 20" x 30", 30" x 45"


Framed Giclee Canvas, Metal, Photo Paper


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