Rainbow Over St Clare of Assisi Rainbow, O’Fallon Illinois

The Story:      O’Fallon, Illinois Catholic parishioners formed St. Clare of Assisi in 1867. As the parish outgrew its original church, Louis Rasp donated 20 acres which set the stage for the opening of this impressive structure in 2007. Given its charter to follow the inspiration of the Basilica of St Clare of Assisi in Italy, BCDM Architects designed the new church with grand spaces. On this amazing spring day, the crystal blue skies reflect the purity of spirit of this traditional Franciscan congregation.


City, State:      O’Fallon, Illinois

Year:                2016

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A full rainbow hands over St Clare of Assisi, O'Fallon Illinois as storm clouds yield to sunshine at sunset casting golden light over the church grounds

This rainbow formed a perfect backdrop to St. Clare of Assisi Church, O’Fallon, Illinois where the refracted and then reflected sun rays produced a visual treat from the storm’s last few raindrops. Although the physical church is new (designed by BCDM Architects and completed in 2007) the parish began 150 years ago under the Diocese of Belleville.

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12" x 18", 20" x 30", 30" x 45"


Framed Giclee Canvas, Metal, Photo Paper


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