Bellbrook - Morris Reserve

Morris Reserve lies outside of Bellbrook Ohio and is part of the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District.  The land once belonged to the Berryhill family then was purchased by the Morris family.  Recently, the Morris family donated their old farm along Lower Bellbrook Road, where park managers returned the tillable land back into a tallgrass prairie.  In early spring, the park’s hills hold many spring wildflowers including the hard-to-find Twinleaf wildflower that briefly blooms for 2-3 days.  In summer, this field ignites with Ohio wildflowers which in canvas print form populate many healthcare facilities in the Miami Valley.


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The arched limbs from this ancient row of Osage Orange trees form a delightful tunnel as the rising sunrise at the end of the path warmly backlights the yellowing autumn leaves.

Sunrise along Osage Orange Tunnel, Sugarcreek MetroPark No. 7

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