Pathway Art Prints

Text about art prints featuring many types of pathways whose composition often beg for leading lines and perspective.  These aspects give the print a sense of dimension.

Alle Art Prints

This is a paragraph about the pleasing visual lines of allee


A view along the row of cypress trees at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark

Boardwalk Art Prints

Text About art prints featuring boardwalks

A snow covered walkway at Carriage Hill MetroPark sparkles as the sunlight refracts from fresh snow

Country Road Art Prints

Text About peaceful and inviting country road scenes

A gravel road leads the eye through this tree-lined pathway on a foggy autumn morning

Covered Walkway Art Prints

Text about covered walkways

a view from under the covered platform at E. Milo Beck Park in Springboro Ohio where the rows of trellis beams leas the eye to the open plaza and sky

Foot Path Art Prints

Text about foots paths through peaceful and intriguing settings.

The arched limbs from this ancient row of Osage Orange trees form a delightful tunnel as the rising sunrise at the end of the path warmly backlights the yellowing autumn leaves.

Multi-use Trail Art Prints

Text about art prints featuring bike trails

A tree-lined paved trail parallels Piqua Ohio’s Hydraulic Canal Run in autumn where the sun illuminated the autumn colored leaves

Sidewalk Art Prints

Text about art prints where sidewalks serve as leading lines under canopies of trees that gently filter the sun and other magical scenes.

A park sidewalk leads the eye to a grove of trees displaying their atutmn colors as a fog settles over O’Fallon Illinois

Water Trails Art Prints

Text About art prints featuring peaceful waterscapes

A summer evening as the Stillwater River flows by Aullwood Garden MetroPark near Englewood Ohio

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